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Who We Are

We are more than just an ATV club, we are all friends and family coming together to enjoy the sport of ATVing. We have the very best landowners who generously donate their land to allow us to ride. Therefore, they receive our top priority and respect, without them we do not ride

      As a member you can ride whenever you would like as long as the trails are open. WE do try to host a group event ride once a month during the main riding season. Some at zero cost and some at a minor fee. We also provide other information on rides from clubs in our area and sometimes out of state.

We have amazing things to see with all kinds of wildlife to view

About Us

    The Foothills ATV Riders Club is a privately owned and operated ATV club started in November 2002, located in Hartford NY. Base membership is 250 people & children, with an additional 100 landowners & their children.

Our trail system travels through Hartford, Granville, Hampton, Argyle and Hebron with approximately 80 miles of trails.


When: 2nd Monday of each Month

Where: 3572 NY 196

Fort Ann, NY

Time: 7:00pm

    ~Anyone is welcome to attend~

How to join

Must have every machine registered

Must have every machine insured

Everyone, including passengers, must have a notarized waiver signed to help protect our landowners.

No dirt bikes or three wheelers, no 2 stroke ATVs allowed unless under 150cc

UTV side by side are welcome

All necessary forms can be downloaded here on the website by clicking on the tab Membership forms or here


"No Better Day than Riding with Friends and Family"- Tony, Long Island



Trails are closed for deer hunting season, and until 12:00p for the month of May for turkey season.





PO BOX 156


Phone: 518-250-FOOT (3668)


Cost and Fees

New members-- Family Membership

Includes significant other and kids under the age of 18. Current rate first year $150.00 with a renewal rate of $110.00. All ATV/UTV included

New Member-- Single Membership

Includes one-person current rate first year $120.00 with a renewal rate of $80.00

All memberships run from May to May.

*Day Passes Are available for $10.00. Must ride with another member



This website and access to certain areas are reserved for club members only. All person's registering with this website please include your first and last name in the name field so that you can be verified against the club roster. Email addresses without first and last names included will be ignored and removed. Those who cannot be verified as members on the club roster will be removed from this websites database without notification. If you should become a member of the club at a later date, you will be required to re-register with this site.

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